Wedding at chateau in Prague

Wedding at a Chateau in Prague

Ceremony, Reception and Accommodation in One Complex

Make your vows and say Yes in the beautiful historical complex of Chateau Chvalská Tvrz. Available spaces include: The ceremonial hall, the chateau's courtyard, or smaller lounges for more intimate ceremonies.

Just a few steps from the chateau is our restaurant which offers a beautiful and diverse interior as well as an outdoor terrace. Our chefs will prepare a unique dining experience for you, and after a grand day, you can relax in our hotel suite.


Take a look at what YOUR big day could look like:

Your unique day could look like this:


Fairytale Wedding for 30 people


  • FREE space for rent until 10pm
  • Honeymoon room FREE
  • Wedding lunch for 14 970 CZK
  • Wedding reception for 25 470 CZK
  • The estimated consumption of beverages is 16 500 CZK
  • Toast for 1 950 CZK
  • Wedding chair covers for 900 CZK
  • Ready dance floor for 3 000 CZK

Total: 62 790 CZK

The capacity of our premises is up to 100 people, the above calculation is for informational purposes only.


Are you interested in this offer? Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer.


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