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Enjoy your dining at Restaurant Sezóna in Horní Počernice

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Half dozen of snails a lá Burgundy on crispy toast
139 CZK


Tyger prawns in garlic butter with chilli and baguette 
199 CZK


Duck liver parfait with blackcurrant sauce and toasted Kolinger bread
155 CZK


Steak tartar with toasted garlic bread (mixed by us)
189 CZK




Pasta salad with mayo, dried tomatoes and oyster mushrooms dusted with beetroot 
149 CZK

Mixed leaf salad with grilled autumn vegetable and walnut oil
159 CZK


Caesar salad with chicken, bacon croutons and anchovy dressing
179 CZK


Marinated pork fillets with salad and red curry dressing
179 CZK



Beef consommé with liver balls and vegetable Julienne
55 CZK


Cabbage soup with sausage
55 CZK



Risotto with oyster mushrooms, prunes and sage
189 CZK


Pumpkin pureé with seeds, pumpkin oil and toasted baguette
165 CZK



Tandoori chicken breast with mango and chilli sauce
239 CZK


Duck breast with blackcurrant sauce
239 CZK


Pheasant breast in juniper gravy with celeriac and honey pureé
245 CZK


Pork fillet with oyster mushroom and thyme ragout
235 CZK


250g Aged organic rib eye steak with pepper and cognac sauce
399 CZK



Sirloin in cream sauce with Carlsbad dumplings, cranberries and whipped cream
179 CZK


Roasted wild boar pieces with wine red cabbage and „hairy“ dumplings
169 CZK



Chicken goujons
89 CZK


Plum butter pasty with cinnamon and sour cream
79 CZK

Side dishes


Mash potatoes

59 CZK

Brussel sprouts    

59 CZK

Chorizo mash

59 CZK

Grilled vegetables

79 CZK

Celeriac pureé

59 CZK


59 CZK

Carlsbad dumplings

59 CZK

„Hairy“ dumplings

59 CZK



Cold whipped semolina pudding with fruit sauce, sprinkled with roasted almond flakes
119 CZK


Crème Brȗlée infused with Earl grey tea
109 CZK


Chocolate mousse with whipped cream and mint ice-cream
119 CZK


Scoop of ice-cream of today´s choice
39 CZK


Ice-cream sundae with fresh fruit and whipped cream
169 CZK